See this man?

I love him.

A lot.

He makes my life happier and easier and more fulfilled on a daily basis.

And he is about to embark on a huge journey.

One that, for him, is a dream come true.

Starting on Monday, Brad officially becomes a director.

Of a movie.

Like, for real.

It is a low-budget film, and Brad wrote the script.

The script is incredible, and I believe that it could spark very real conversations in our city, our state, and our nation.

I may be biased…

Ok, I probably am biased.

But it is good.

I promise.

So, because it is a low budget film, there are a lot of people helping in a lot of ways by volunteering their time and talents to this film.

It has been completely overwhelming to see the response of volunteers and professionals alike to this project.

There is one specific need left.

We need food… specifically meals.

Specifically a commitment to deliver either a lunch or a dinner to the set that serves at least 20 people.

If you are interested at all in helping out, we’d love to have ya.

Send an email to

Thanks, as always for stopping by.

And I promise to not solicit favors from you often.

But this one means so much to me.