I just want to state for the record that Ms. Oprah Winfrey and I are of one mind.

You see, she announced yesterday her book club selection.

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.

I purchased this book about two weeks ago. I like to think that Mama O had a feeling that somewhere in Ohio her soul sister had a book that she should read.

I’m sure that’s what happened, right?

She nor I picked up this book because of the critical success of Franzen’s first book, The Corrections.

That couldn’t be it.

Nor did we choose it because of a Time Magazine story all about Mr. Franzen.


That’s not it either.

And certainly it wasn’t because of the massive amount of coverage this book has received.

Like this story from my personal favorite news source.


The Mighty Opes and I must have brainwaves that are inexplicably linked.

I have always felt that to be true.

And this proves it.




Is anyone there?

This post is ridiculous.

The end.

Happy Weekend,


P.S. I’m cookin’ up a storm this weekend, and I’ll have lots of new recipes for ya next week.