After a two week bout with bronchitis, I’m starting to feel alive again.

And two weeks of bronchitis meant a two week hiatus from working out.

Not that I’m complaining.

I hate to work out.

I hate everything about it.

Except that I do like how I feel when it is over.

And I like that it allows me to eat some indulgences from time to time yet still fit in my pants.

This is the hardest workout I have ever done.

I hate it.

More than baking.

More than picky eaters.

More than an acorn that gets stuck in my dog’s intestine.

Yet, in some sick way… I kind of love it.

It makes me more sore than one would think is humanly possible.

You know a workout is tough when the people in the video can’t finish it.

It lives up to its name.

Maybe some day, if you are lucky, I’ll post a picture of myself on the brink of death after finishing this awful masochistic hell-hole work out.

Or maybe I’ll just post a picture of the pool of sweat I finish in.

Thank God that bacon and cheese exist to make it all worthwhile.

Happy Hump Day my friends.