I want to show you some pictures.

I hope you’ll indulge me here just for a second.

This is our sweet puppy Lola Belle when we first brought her home.

Perfect, non?

Her big furry sister, Miss, taught her to explore the backyard for unexpected treasures.

Miss taught Lola how to find the perfect spot on the deck to sunbathe.

Or nap.

How to sit prim and proper at the table.

And how to forage for fun things to gnaw on like a stick.

Now, here is where Miss failed Lola.

She should have issued a stern warning.

To avoid these guys.

Everyone knows that an acorn is evil.

And Miss really should have pounded that fact into Lola’s tiny brain.

If she had, Lola wouldn’t have decided to eat one of these bad boys as a snack.

And it wouldn’t have gotten lodged in her intestine.

And she wouldn’t have thrown up a dozen times.

And she wouldn’t have had to go to the vet.

To get two sets of x-rays.

And an IV.

And an overnight stay.

And a hefty bill.

We picked Lola up tonight after work.

The vet told us Lola would need surgery in the morning if the acorn didn’t make its way out tonight.

An expensive surgery.

Lola came home.

Ate a little.

And promptly went and did her business.

And out came the acorn.

Lesson learned.

Actually, sadly, probably not.

But I can hope.

Lola forgave Miss for leaving out the acorn section in her “how to have fun in the yard” lesson.

They are back to being the best of pals.