First, can I just say how much I appreciate you all stopping by.

And caring even just a little bit about what I have to say?

Or maybe you don’t care.

Either way, thanks.

I mean it.

This blog makes me very happy, and you reading it and even enjoying it a little bit makes me even happier.

So, keep coming back.

And if you ever want to drop me a line with how to make the blog better, I’ll listen.


Or, if you have a specific cooking issue or challenge that you’d like for me to tackle- I’ll give it a try.


I got a little organized.

Check out the new tab at the top of this post under my Seven Hills header.

The Recipes Tab contains all of my recipes to date.

Take a look around and try something new.

Again, thanks again for stopping by.

And thanks for listening.

And stop back soon to see what happened to this ding-a-ling.