I would like to go on record stating that the dog park is the greatest invention ever.

We have been making trips there several times a week to wear our ding dongs out.

Miss Jackson (the lab) and LolaBelle (the basset mutt) L-O-V-E love it there.

And all of the dogs provide much entertainment for their owners.

The instant we get through the gate, Lola is off. And she does not care where we are, what we are doing, or if she ever comes home with us again.

Because she has found a new friend, and in her mind they are exactly the same size and they will be best friends forever.

Until this guy comes along. He is her best friend forever and ever, amen.

Oh wait. What’s happening over here?… she better go check out over here.

This poor guy was quietly meditating in the glorious shade when all of a sudden he was bombarded.

Now, Lola is off hounding. She runs with her nose to the ground. She’s collecting clues.

To something.

I’m sure of it.

Please note that I have no close ups of Lola because, as I mentioned above, she has forgotten that we exist.


She is too busy playing with these ding-a-lings.

Please also note that Lola only likes to play with big dogs.

She and this sweet-as-pie doberman wrestled (rather Lola kept getting body slammed) for a solid 30 minutes.

Are you wondering about Miss yet?

Want to see what she’s up to?

She’s with her best buddy.

With whom she stays the entire time.

No kidding.

She is always within a three foot radius.

Does she want to play?

Oh, yes.

… but only with Brad.

There is ONE thing in the dog park that can coax Miss from Brad’s side.

Because there are only two things that this dog loves: us and water.

And the dog park doesn’t disappoint.

Fortunately, it is really clean water.

Look at these yahoos.

There, that’s better.

While Miss is at the dog spa, Lola is still playing wrestlemania with Doberman.

Could she be any cuter? I think not.

Something draws Lola to the water eventually.







Is that you, Mama?


OK, see ya!

Dog ownership is not difficult when you have a dog park nearby.

On our way out, these big boys were coming in.

I honestly think you could put a saddle on one of these sweet babies.

Our ding-dongs played for about an hour.

Then, it was time to say goodbye.

These dogs are the worst at goodbye.

We headed home, and we gave thanks for the gift of the dog park for it gives many good things.

The best, best, best part of the dog park?

Lola and Miss pass out for the remainder of the day.

Glory be.