This weekend I found some very special things.

They are pretty fantastic, but they need some TLC.

Want a sneak peak?

Ok, but just this once.

Real quick:

Isn’t she a beauty?

I mean, if you get past the orange and the strange beige plastic.

Oooh boy, I have plans for this gal.

And I’m excited.

Loving the Asian inspired base to this.

I found her at a yard sale down the street.

She was calling me as I walked the pups past.

I could tell that she wanted a life beyond being a 1970’s credenza.

And I shall breathe that life into her.

Stay tuned for the after. I plan to get to serious work this weekend.

Here is the second find.

These guys came from the local antique store.

I loved them at first sight.

These old shutters will serve a new purpose in our home.

The plan is (if all goes well) for these to hold some of our most valuable possessions.

I love the colors on these.

Can’t wait to get to work.

I just love a good find.

It gives me energy and it gets my creative juices flowing.

I hope I can live up to my vision!

Anyone have some good furniture before and afters?

I’d love to see ’em!