In honor of the beach, which I am off to early Saturday morning, I give you my version of a book review.

The beach is my favorite place to read. Last time I was soaking up the rays with my feet in the sand, I started and finished this gem.

This book was weird.

But good.

And captivating.

But definitely weird.

The story is about a girl named Rose who one day discovers that she can taste the emotions of the person that prepared her food. She discovers this “gift” when her mom makes her a birthday cake, and all that Rose can taste is hollowness and loneliness and emptiness and pain.

The fact that Rose is cursed or gifted with the ability to taste emotion influences every aspect of her life as she comes of age. The story also follows Rose’s strange loner brother Joseph. His life and pursuits are a mystery throughout the book.

So, there is some mystery and intrigue tied into the story.

I liked it.

Until it got a little sci-fi. Then, I liked it a little less.

However, it is rare to come across a story that is so perfectly unique. I have never in my life read anything like this book, so major bonus points to the author Aimee Bender for developing and sharing such a unique heroine and distinctive story.

In a world where everyone is doing and re-doing the same ideas (for example, me here on this blog), Aimee Bender stretched her brain to a place of complete and utter exclusivity with her story.

And for that reason, I recommend you dive into The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake.

Happy Reading Nerds!