*According to the always reliable and 100% accurate Internet

If you have spent more than 5 minutes on this blog, you have likely used your powers of deductive reasoning to determine that I am CAH-RAZY about bacon.

I truly believe in my heart that it is the best singular ingredient on the planet.

I also truly believe that bacon is the main reason I could never be a vegetarian.

Well, bacon and burgers.

And steak.

And scallops.

Ooh, and tuna.


1. The average American consumes 18 lbs. of bacon a year. I do believe I may be raising that average.

2. BLT sandwiches (mmm, doesn’t that sound good right about now?) became popular after World War 2 when grocery stores expanded and lettuce and tomatoes were available all year.

3. There are varieties of Bourbon, Beer, and Vodka that are bacon flavored.

I think I need a drink.

4. Maple Leaf foods conducted a survey and determined that of the folks they surveyed “43% would rather have bacon than sex”.

OK, lets not get carried away here folks. Even I have my limits on bacon love.

5. Oscar Mayer patented the first pre-sliced packaged bacon in 1924. I always thought that was a good year, and I know now for certain that Oscar was an upstanding citizen.

6. A single serving of bacon is 3 medium slices. WAIT. WHAT?!? While I do love bacon, I usually only have one slice. Two if I’m feeling bad.

News Flash: I am upping my intake!

7. Saint Anthony the Abbot is the patron saint of pigs, swine herders, and butchers. He is known as “The Patron Saint of Bacon”.

God Bless Him.

8. According to an episode of Oprah, Dr. Oz says that regular pork bacon (specifically low sodium) is better for you than turkey bacon! All of the nutritional elements are the same except that turkey bacon has way more sodium.

And tastes nasty.

And has a weird texture.

And where the heck does bacon come from on a turkey?

Dr. Oz you have made my bacon eating life guilt free.

Not that I had guilt.

Because life can be tough, and bacon makes it easier and better.

Maybe that should be fact #9.

9. Bacon makes life easier and better.

10. And this is a fact. I swear it. I’m not making it up. Any dish can be improved upon by simply adding bacon.

That’s all I have to say about that.

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