I’m young. Ish.

And I’m totally hip.

Hip people use the word hip, right?

I’m guessing you would love a peak into my fast paced and exciting social life.

You would?

OK, but just this once.

This last Friday night, the main man was out for a boys night watching sports and drinking beer and whatever else happens on a boys night.

And I… well, I was in my own personal heaven.

I organized my kitchen cabinets.

HOT DANG! Isn’t that awesome?

Let’s see why this was a necessity:

Welcome to my pantry cupboards. I have two of them, and the one on the right is very deep.

I no longer had any clue what was back there.

So, I started with the cabinet on the right.

And pulled this out of it:

And here is what I observed.

1. This looks like an ad for Kroger.

2. Why in the heck did I ever buy canned peas? Sick. I cannot think of a reason to ever, ever, ever use canned peas.

3. Good think I bought those jarred beets. Those have come in handy quite often.

So, I threw only a few things away that were expired. I did not think a canned good could really expire.

Then, I loaded up some bags to give some of this food away.

Then, I tackled the next cabinet of wonders.

Let’s see what I found.

Well, some Crystal Snow white glitter. Who doesn’t need that in their pantry?

That isn’t some sort of cookie/baking glitter. That is crafting glitter.

I don’t craft.

I have no clue really.

Then, there were these ancho chiles. I’m sure I had an amazing plan for these guys, but who knows what that was?

Anyone have a good recipe? If not, I’m calling Bobby Flay.

Here is the after- like anyone but me cares.

Then, I decided to spice up the evening.

This makes me way happier than it should.

Anyways, you can start being jealous of my wickedly awesome social life. Right. Now.

Party on,