Brad’s cousin posted a link to the most amazing pictures on his blog.

It is a collection of color photographs from the years 1939-1943.

Check out these ladies backstage at the “girlie” show at a fair in Virginia in 1941.

Aren’t they fancy?

Brad says that the color photos somehow make this time in history feel more personal, and I think he is right.

I love this next one.

These women are on a lunch break from their job as wipers at the roundhouse. From what I gather from the rest of the photos, these women spent their days wiping down and washing locomotives.

Finally, this one. These kiddos are dog tired and tuckered out during a square dance in Oklahoma.

These kids are probably now in their mid 70s now. Crazy, right?

Check out the whole collection here. Fascinating. So cool.

Talk to you soon,