This post is about love.

Specifically, unhealthy and possibly detrimental obsessive love.

A love that I have for cheese.

I love cheese so much.

I love it so much that I would marry it if I could. Sorry Brad.

I also love cheese because it is the perfect quick and easy appetizer to have at or bring to a party. It looks kinda fancy and tastes completely delicious, but takes 1.2 minutes to put together on a tray.

So if you are like me, and you work full time- this is the type of appetizer that you can throw together after work without much fuss or mess.

Here are some of my go to favorites.

Brie is soft and delicious all on it’s own. Spread it on a cracker, and there ya go!

Or, you can take it up a notch. I dare you to. You won’t regret it.

Well, you might regret it after you eat an entire block of rich, delectable brie.

To take it up a notch, chop up some dried cranberries and mix em in with some brown sugar. Take your berry/sugar mixture and put it on top of your brie. Stick it in the oven or microwave until it gets all melty and hot.

Now, put it on a cracker.

You may never bake again. Better than the best dessert.

Or how about this one?

Blue Stilton AKA Creamy, Yummy Blue Cheese

Its a little more pungent in flavor, but it is a perfect appetizer. Want to see how to take this one up a notch?

Ok, here is is:

Honey! The little bit of sweet balances the stronger flavor nicely.

Either drizzle a bit on the whole darn block of cheese, or put a small dish of it near the blue for eaters to help themselves.

Now, for cheese three.

The classic cheddar- well, classic with a twist:

English Cheddar with Caramelized Onions.

I am weak in the knees.

My stomach has butterflies.

Is this love?

It may seem impossible to make this cheese even better, but here’s what I like if I’m going to be fancy.

Those are dried apricots, but really any dried fruit will do. I just serve it alongside the cheddar.

So, for a party (or lets be honest, a Sunday night dinner), I would take these three cheeses and arrange them with their pairings on a pretty platter. I’d put some assorted crackers next to it, and there ya go.

Not so coincidentally, a good cheese platter traditionally contains a soft cheese (brie), a blue cheese (stilton), and a hard cheese (cheddar).

Like every good meal or appetizer, this one is completely customizable to what you like. More and more stores are carrying bigger and better cheese selections, and most stores will let you try and try and try.

I may or may not do my own personal tasting once a week.


Fall in love.

Over and over again.

By the way, these gems are for a weekend get together and I cannot wait to gobble them up with some great pals.

Happy Friday!