I know some talented people. Really talented people.

I’m not one of them.

But I do know a lot of them.

One of my dearly beloveds has more high school dirt on me than I care to admit.

Meet Megan.

Megan is one of those friends that I like to call a lifer. We don’t see each other much anymore, but we do keep in touch from time to time and we have so many shared some hilarious and some heartbreaking experiences. So many memories with this one. Don’t ya just love friends like that?

Anyhow, Ms. Megan is talented. Crazy talented.

Look at what my pal has created.

I think that is just about as pretty as it comes. It is handmade with coral and turquoise, and is very affordable.

I demand that you check her out immediately. Please?

I also love these.

Here’s the thing about those beauties… you get to pick the color!

Choices, Choices!

I think I’ll take one of each. Depending on the gem you choose, prices range from $14-$20 a pair.

Holy beautiful batman!

UPDATE: Ms. Megan has offered up a free giveaway to The Seven Hills Collection readers when she re-launches her brand. So stay tuned, and visit often! Thanks Meg!

Happy Shopping,