This past week, I was in California.

L.A. to be exact.

Well, Compton to be more exact.

Yes, my work sent me to Compton.

The trip was lovely. Good work, good food, and a quick trip to the beach.

I’ve been humming some California Love by Tupac to myself since I hopped on the plane on Wednesday. Then, when I searched for the song on YouTube, I was taken on a serious trip down memory lane with my buddy Mr. Pac.

He hit the scene when I was in middle school and he stuck around through high school. I have so many memories linked to some of these songs.

I can vividly remember being at my friend Jenni’s (she seriously threw the best parties in high school) crushing on someone that I think eventually ended up doing some jail time, swimming, chowing down on pounds of candy, and maybe sipping on some fancy fruity wine coolers.

Seriously, if you are my age… see if these songs take you back.

As a side note, the lyrics aren’t safe for work or kids.

Why am I suddenly craving Boone’s Farm?

Happy Listening,

L to the W