My sister, Dr. Jessica, got a puppy (so did my brother) about a month and a half ago.

Here is darling Bosco in my backyard the day the good doctor picked him up.

Please note my daylily that Bosco and his brother Jax ruined.

It’s ok, Boss. I forgive you. I’m over it. Kind of.

Dr. Jessica is very smart, and she is training Boss to be an agile and skilled hunter.

Want to see?

Lola has issues. We’re very worried about her.

I’m sad peony season is over. Peonies made my life this early summer.

We have a friend that creates art in junkyards. I love it. I think it is unique and completely fantastic.

We went to a Criterion bike race, and it was awesome. If one comes around your neck of the woods, check it out… you will not regret it! The racers are fast and there are some wicked wrecks.

Look at these dashing fellas that I captured watching the bike race.

Sorry ladies, both of these guys are taken.

Finally, I think I’ll get me a pair of these. I think they’d be very slimming.

Have a great Hump Day!

Leah Out