My grandpa has a green thumb. From the time I was a wee tot, I have memories of him growing tomatoes and herbs and more garlic than even my Italian grandma could use. My mom and her siblings inherited said green thumb. They ALL have lush flower and vegetable gardens. My mom looks at a plant, and it starts to bloom.

Then, there’s me.

I look at a plant and it shrivels up and dies. I put a tomato plant in my garden, and rabbits and deer come from far and wide to make sure that it is devoured instantly.

I’m a slow learner though.

Every year, I try. Gosh darn it, I try.

And you know what?

This year, I have conquered. I have figured it out. I hold the key to ensuring that plump, delectable and flavorful fruit and vegetables hit my table all summer long.

And because I’m a giving person, I shall share my secret with you.

Here I am toiling in the field.

Some of my harvest…

Do not be fooled. This is backbreaking work.

And somehow I still find time to bake.

The fruits (and vegetables) of my labor.

So, take that deer and rabbits.

Seriously, if you want to use my gardening technique, here is a link (for Ohioans) to get you started:

The end.

Over and out.