I love spinach. It is delicious, versatile, and fairly inexpensive. Plus, Google tells me that it is full of heart-healthy nutrients, anti-inflammatory properties, and flavonoids. Not sure what all of that means, but bottom line… I make spinach or some other dark leafy green several times a week in one form or another. And I feel good and decently self-righteous about my responsible eating decision.

This here, is one of my spinach favorites.

What you’ll need:

Spinach (a lb. for 2 people)

One onion (any color will do)


Vinegar or a Lemon or some Wine

Olive Oil


First, we slice the onion. We shed a tear. We wipe our nose. We wash our hands. And then we finish slicing the onions. That was a powerful onion moment.

We also chop the garlic.

Next, we throw the onions into a LARGE nonstick skillet with a couple of teaspoons of olive oil. Medium to low heat to conjure up some slow cooking action.

Now, pour yourself a glass of wine. This is crucial for the recipe to come out correctly. Not really, but cooking is so much better with a glass of vino isn’t it?

I push the onions around a bit and I wait for them to get a little translucent and a little softened. Then I toss in the chopped garlic.


Now, take a sip of your wine. Then, inhale the gloriousness that is onion and garlic in a hot pan together. My friends, that smell is the smell of a marriage made in heaven.

Push the onion and garlic around a bit in the pan- 1 to 2 minutes.

Now, the spinach.

Pile it in.

I had to add the spinach in batches. It wilts down quickly though. So start stirrin’, and letting the spinach wilt.

Take another sip of wine. Ah, isn’t this relaxing?

Toss in a little salt- 1/2 teaspoon or so of the Course Kosher goodness.

Side note: In my humble opinion, there is nothing nastier than iodized salt that comes in the giant blue container with the girl and umbrella on the front.

Now you have options for your last step. I like options. I don’t want to feel like the recipe is The Man, and that The Man is holding me down.

Option 1: Add a tablespoon of vinegar. I used aged balsamic here.

OR Option 2: Squeeze in half of a lemon’s juice.

OR Option 3:  Feeling generous? Take a tablespoon of that wine you have been sippin’ on and toss that in. Red or white will do.

Stir one last final time to make sure everything is incorporated.

Grab your wine glass and head to the table.

Make sure to thank your sous chef for all of her help chasing after flying food.

Good work, Lola girl.

Enjoy with your grilled chicken wrap.

The end.

Over and out.