100 degrees=No cooking  over the stove or in the oven like a crazy person

Summertime + 100 degrees = Jalapeno Mustard Chicken

Spicy, juicy, and hot. Just how I like it, if you know what I mean.

I had some organic chicken tenders, garlic, and jalapeno on hand. They all hooked up, and this dish was born.

1 lb. of chicken tenders- enough for 2 people with some leftovers

Now, we will be working with jalapenos. They are hot. They burn your fingers and eyeballs. I dare you to chop one up and then later that night try and take out a contact lens. In fact, I double dare you. Kitchen gloves are a cheap and worthy must-have in the Wise household. Plus, I feel like a surgeon when I put them on.

Sexy, right?

Now, dice up 2 jalapenos (or more if you like the heat) and 2 large cloves of garlic.

Now, really dice them. And while you’re at it, add a little coarse Kosher salt. Use the flat side of your knife blade to smear the tiny morsels into a chunky paste (sounds appetizing already, doesn’t it?). Chop and smear, chop and smear.

Now, we shall make mustard. Mustard is made by taking ground mustard…

and adding liquid- either water, vinegar, or wine. Adding just water makes is a spicy mustard without much depth of flavor. So, for this dish I took approximately a teaspoon of water paired with a couple tablespoons of vinegar (used Raspberry Champagne vinegar here).

It should be runnier than normal mustard because it is really a mustard marinade. Now, we’ll combine our spicy paste with our spicy ‘tard (side note, I think from now on I’ll call mustard just ‘tard).

With a little more salt (maybe 1/2 t.) and some fresh black pepper, we’re ready to dump it on our chicky chicken.

Raw chicken looks gross, doesn’t it? With your gloved hands, give the whole gang and good mix and massage. Now cover the chicken and refrigerate it. I was running late, so I only let it marinate 30 minutes or so, and that was a-plenty.

I handed off the chicken to my Grill Master AKA BDub.

He worked his magic on the grill. He was utterly devastated that I didn’t capture him grilling these delectable chicken morsels to perfection. He dressed up for the photo shoot and everything. Poor guy.

He did work, son. Good work.

Now I took these spicy, garlicky, salty, delicious strips of the all white good stuff and put them in a wrap with a little sharp cheddar and some thick slices of tomato.

Served up with a little spinach (stayed tuned for that recipe) and some strawberries.

Sweet Sassy Molassey.

A big shout out of thanks to my sous chef, Miss J.

She dutifully and promptly scarfed every scrap that my erratic chopping sent flying onto the floor.

Over and out.